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Gutters are very important to buildings yet people rarely think of them. The gutter is a part of the roofing structure of buildings and is responsible for collecting rainwater and disposing it in a way that causes no harm to the property. Gutters help to prolong the lives of all buildings because without them, rainwater would soak into the building and cause structural weakness that may lead to cracks or even to the eventual collapse of the building.

Seeing the importance of gutters to our homes it is sad to see that people do not think about having them regularly cleaned. We are all quick to ensure the cleanliness of our homes even to the extent of bringing in cleaning companies. But, gutter cleaning is not mapped into the list of things to be cleaned around the house, after all, out of sight out of mind.

However, you should remember that just because you do not see the dirt and leaf litter in the gutters it does not mean it is not there. It is advisable for people to have their gutters cleaned from time to time as it saves homes from what is typically referred to as rotting of the house.

Why Gutter Cleaning Is So Important To Consider

All homeowners like to avoid costly repairs whenever possible and that is why they involve themselves in home maintenance routines. These routines may involve anything from regular paint jobs and small renovation projects, to cleaning exterior and interior of the home. Cleaning gutters is one major routine that can save homeowners from serious problems, yet it is often overlooked. Nowadays, there are many professional gutter cleaning Brisbane companies. So, there is no justifiable excuse to leave your gutter dirty and your home at risk.

Regular cleaning of your gutter cannot be over-emphasized because lack of cleaning leads to blockage, which renders this important part of your roof useless. Small bits of sand or cement from your home’s structure or leaves and twigs from surrounding trees tend to end up in the gutter and clog it. Once this happens the gutter is unable to perform its primary function and you might as well be living in a gutterless building. The only way to restore the functionality of your gutter is to have it cleaned, failure of which will lead to the following problems.


Roof leakage

As long as your gutter is clear of debris it directs water away from the roof. When the gutter becomes blocked rainwater seeps directly into your roof crevice and affects the fascia, sheathing, framing, and flashing of your roof. This will then lead to the rotting of your roof which will in turn lead to leaking. Once roof leakage occurs, the only way to fix it is to have the entire roof replaced.


Damage from insects and animals

Plants often sprout up in the debris and dirt found in clogged gutters hence rendering the gutter a haven for insects and small animals. Mosquitoes simply love stagnant water and will therefore make your roof their home. On the other hand, mice and birds will make their nests in the gutter and this may lead to damage of the roof as well as the building electrical and structure.


Fire breakouts

When gutters do not function properly, rain water flows freely and settles on obstacles found along the building. This water could find its way to the electrical wiring of the building thus causing a short circuit that may lead to dangerous fire outbreaks.


Foundation problems

Aside from protecting the roof gutters also prevent the accumulation of water on the building’s foundation. When the gutter is not functioning properly the foundation gets affected and can result in leaks that may lead to issues such as flooded basements and rooms on the ground floor of the home. Flooding within the house is a clear indication that the foundation is in poor condition and will force you to pay a very expensive repair bill.

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