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Gutter Cleaning

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Gutters are very important to buildings yet people rarely think of them. The gutter is a part of the roofing structure of buildings and is responsible for collecting rainwater and disposing it in a way that causes no harm to the property. Gutters help to prolong the lives of all buildings because without them, rainwater would soak into the building and cause structural weakness that may lead to cracks or even to the eventual collapse of the building.

Seeing the importance of gutters to our homes it is sad to see that people do not think about having them regularly cleaned. We are all quick to ensure the cleanliness of our homes even to the extent of bringing in cleaning companies. But, gutter cleaning is not mapped into the list of things to be cleaned around the house, after all, out of sight out of mind.

However, you should remember that just because you do not see the dirt and leaf litter in the gutters it does not mean it is not there. It is advisable for people to have their gutters cleaned from time to time as it saves homes from what is typically referred to as rotting of the house.

Why Gutter Cleaning Is So Important To Consider

All homeowners like to avoid costly repairs whenever possible and that is why they involve themselves in home maintenance routines. These routines may involve anything from regular paint jobs and small renovation projects, to cleaning exterior and interior of the home. Cleaning gutters is one major routine that can save homeowners from serious problems, yet it is often overlooked. Nowadays, there are many professional gutter cleaning Brisbane companies. So, there is no justifiable excuse to leave your gutter dirty and your home at risk.

Regular cleaning of your gutter cannot be over-emphasized because lack of cleaning leads to blockage, which renders this important part of your roof useless. Small bits of sand or cement from your home’s structure or leaves and twigs from surrounding trees tend to end up in the gutter and clog it. Once this happens the gutter is unable to perform its primary function and you might as well be living in a gutterles building. The only way to restore the functionality of your gutter is to have it cleaned, failure of which will lead to the following problems.

  • Roof leakage: As long as your gutter is clear of debris it directs water away from the roof. When the gutter becomes blocked rainwater seeps directly into your roof crevice and affects the fascia, sheathing, framing, and flashing of your roof. This will then lead to the rotting of your roof which will in turn lead to leaking. Once roof leakage occurs, the only way to fix it is to have the entire roof replaced.
  • Damage from insects and animals: Plants often sprout up in the debris and dirt found in clogged gutters hence rendering the gutter a haven for insects and small animals. Mosquitoes simply love stagnant water and will therefore make your roof their home. On the other hand, mice and birds will make their nests in the gutter and this may lead to damage of the roof as well as the building electrical and structure.
  • Fire breakouts: When gutters do not function properly, rain water flows freely and settles on obstacles found along the building. This water could find its way to the electrical wiring of the building thus causing a short circuit that may lead to dangerous fire outbreaks.
  • Foundation problems: Aside from protecting the roof gutters also prevent the accumulation of water on the building’s foundation. When the gutter is not functioning properly the foundation gets affected and can result in leaks that may lead to issues such as flooded basements and rooms on the ground floor of the home. Flooding within the house is a clear indication that the foundation is in poor condition and will force you to pay a very expensive repair bill.
DIY Gutter Cleaning Vs Hiring Professionals

Gutters keep water away from your home, roof, and foundation thus helping to keep the structure of the building dry and strong. So, when people hear about gutter cleaning they immediately think about doing the job themselves in a bid to save on money. But, before you start climbing ladders to get to your roof, you need to look at the following benefits that come with hiring a professional to clean your gutter.

  • Property security: Are you aware of how a gutter system works? Do you know the components that make up your gutter? No right, well a professional gutter cleaner does. The cleaner knows how to go about cleaning your gutter without causing damage to it. While you on the other hand attempting a DIY job may end up accidentally pulling off a section of the gutter or worse still lose your balance and loosen some of your roofing structure while attempting to hang on. In such cases you will end up spending more money to have your gutter fixed or in the worst-case scenario replacing your entire roof. Therefore it is better to hire a professional gutter cleaner because you are guaranteed a clean gutter and an intact roof once the job is done.
  • Safety: Regardless of the height of your home cleaning gutters is a risky affair. Well you may think that since you live in a one-story home you can clean the gutter without endangering your life. Keep in mind that you will require to use a ladder to access your roof and lean at odd angles while cleaning downspouts and attempting to get to those hard to reach places. You may accidentally fall injure yourself and then end up hiring a professional to clean the gutter. So, why not avoid risking your health and life and just hire a professional to do the job? Gutter cleaners have experience and are used to heights and reaching those hidden places without endangering their safety. What’s more, they take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your property, the people below them, their colleagues and of course their own safety.
  • Training and experience: Any professional gutter cleaner has undertaken a course in cleaning, repairing, and installing gutters and has also undergone the necessary training in cleaning. Aside from the knowledge a professional gutter cleaner probably has years of experience. Therefore, when you hire a roof gutter cleaning expert, you not only get manual help but a combination of knowledge, expertise, and experience. The cleaner will be able to do proper assessment and determine the best approach to clean out your gutter system. A professional will also inspect the gutter for cracks and splits that may have been caused by the debris blocking the gutter. Whatever issues the cleaner will come across during inspection, they will be pointed to prevent bigger problems in the future, thus allow you to perform repairs and save money.

Clearly, the benefits that come with hiring a professional gutter cleaner are plenty. Instead of trying to learn how to clean roof gutters then going out to buy the required equipment and gear, you can save yourself the money, time, and effort and allow an expert to do the job.

How Gutter Cleaning Services Are Conducted

For an average person, cleaning a gutter can be quite a challenge. What will take you hours to do, a professional gutter cleaner can accomplish in shorter period. This is because the gutter cleaner has the technical know-how and adequate tools, while you on the other hand most people simply do not have a clue on how to do the job. Professional gutter cleaners have a variety of tools and use different methods to clean your gutters. They perform their duties based on the nature of clogging. Below are some of the methods and tools used to clean gutters.

One method that is used is vacuuming. Gutter vacuuming is done when clogging is caused by dry leaves. Professional gutter cleaners usually use high pressure vacuuming systems that have great suction power. The ordinary home vacuums cannot be used for the cleaning of gutter systems as they lead to continuous blockage. The high-pressure vacuums create a continuous flow of air pressure that sucks the dried leaves from the gutter and store them in a large tank for proper disposal. One example of vacuum gutter cleaners is the snorkel. It consists of a long hook shaped pipe whose suction inlet is placed inside the gutter. The snorkel is operated using a camera therefore the cleaner can do the job without the use of a ladder.

A water pressure hose is used to clean gutters in cases of grime, dirt, or damp waste. The high pressure nozzle of the hose releases a stream of water that instantly cleans out even the toughest of gutter dirt.

The guttering cleaner is used to remove leaves as well as other debris from the gutter. It is a cordless tool that has fixed bristles which rotate at a very high speed thus blowing out leaves and debris clogging a gutter.

Another tool for cleaning gutters is the wand. This is just a simple hose attachment which is most suited for removing sludge such as decayed moss.

Why Choose Housewashing Experts

Housewashing Experts is a company in Australia that offers roof and gutter cleaning services. This company offers Brisbane and Gold Coast residents expert cleaners who help to maintain and prolong the life of their gutter systems and other home structures. If you reside in these cities, then you are very much aware of the heavy downpour that occurs here. Therefore, for all homeowners having gutters cleaned from time to time is more of a necessity than a luxury.

Our gutter cleaning Brisbane team at Housewashing Experts offers very affordable services. Therefore, Brisbane residents do not have to worry about raising enough money to acquire this much-needed home maintenance service. The charges range from $140 for small homes to $350 for large houses.

When you hire gutter cleaners, naturally you expect value for your money, so all of the dirt must be removed. At HouseWashing Experts you will get exactly what you are looking for as the gutter cleaners are very efficient. When you hire their services you can be sure that your gutter will be left absolutely clean, not even a single leaf will remain.

When it comes to hiring professionals to fix your roof, car and other issues around the home, people do thorough research to ensure they end up selecting an insured company. And, since Housewashing Experts is insured, it is the best choice if you are looking to have your gutters cleaned. Outsourcing our services is very beneficial for you since the cost of fixing any damage that may occur during the cleaning process will not fall on your shoulders but rather catered for by the company’s insurance.

The gutter cleaner experts at Housewashing Experts are not only highly trained but they also have over 20 years of experience in the palm of their hands. Therefore, hiring their services is highly beneficial for you. These experts will be able to clean your gutter in the best and most sustainable way. The experts are highly committed to their job and will not only leave your gutter sparkling clean but will also ensure it is in top shape.

Aside from having the necessary knowledge, a gutter cleaner should also have the correct tools to deliver a job well done. That is why Housewashing Experts are armed with latest high tech tools for both low and high pressure cleaning of your gutters. These tools enable the experts to deliver consistently stunning results that return your gutter to full functioning mode.

If are looking for professionals to clean your gutter simply give Housewashing Experts a call, your gutter will thank you for it! This company will give you a free quote of the price it will cost to maintain the strength of your home’s structure.