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Roof Cleaning

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Why Cleaning Your Roof is Important

The roof is an important part of any home or building. It is the essential component of providing ‘shelter’. It essentially provides protection from the external elements and of the extremes in weather. By virtue of being one of the exterior parts of a building or structure, the roof remains exposed to the wrath of nature. If not paid due attention it begins to degrade and at worst structurally fail. Don’t wait until your roof look dilapidated, at the first signs of wear or damage have the roof inspected. As part of your yearly home maintenance, the roof should be at least inspected and cleaned to prevent the growth of moss, mildew and even tree sap, which may accumulate on the roof. As a result, this makes it look old, unsightly, and neglected. Unfortunately, many homeowners focus more on cleaning the interiors of the house and tend to overlook the roof as it is out of sight thus out of mind. However, it is just as important to maintain a clean and appealing roof as it is to tend to the interiors of a home.

“As part of your yearly home maintenance, the roof should be at least inspected and cleaned to prevent the growth of moss, mildew and even tree sap…”

Cleaning roof tiles is something that most homeowner will have to do at some point in their properties roofs life cycle. The reason for this is that algae and fungi have a tendency of making roofs their safe havens. It only takes a nice humid roof to create habitable conditions for mould and algae. Contrary to popular belief, these organisms cause the black streaks we see on roofs and not debris from tree branches and leaves.

Keep in mind though that other types of organic growth can form on a roof besides algae and mould. There is also the chance of lichens and moss infestation, both of which thrive on humid surfaces. Lichens appear whitish in colour but can also have some tinge of green, brown, or yellow. They form small patches, typically the size of a coin.

The growths are easy to spot since they appear raised from the roof surface. Unnoticed, it is only just a matter of time before they can colonize your entire roof. On the other hand, moss is green in colour. When left unattended, it forms a thick green carpet on roofs and sidings, and this is one of the hallmark signs of a neglected house.

Whether infested by mould, mildew, lichens, moss, or algae, the roof simply looks unappealing when filled with fungi or bacterial growth. Of course, no one would want his or her home to lose its curb side appeal. Hence, it becomes necessary to do periodic cleaning of the roof. This will prove to be a worthwhile venture because the benefits that come along with it span beyond reviving dirty roofs to their former aesthetic glory.

Why Cleaning Your Roof Is Important

Roof tile cleaning provides several benefits. The most obvious of course is improving the overall appearance of the roof. This will increase the value of your home. Having a clean and well-maintained roof is a plus for any homeowner that wants to sell his or her property, as this will attract buyers and potentially a better selling price.

However, there is more to cleaning roofs other than ending up with a nice-looking and valuable house. This also contributes to the overall health of your home and the roof itself. Algae and other types of fungi do more harm than simply compromising the aesthetic value of your roof. These living organisms can diminish the integrity of your roof. It all starts when an algae spore lands on your roof. If your home has asphalt shingles or materials that contain limestone, this provides a rich source of nutrition for algae. In fact, most algae and fungus do not rely on photosynthesis to make their own food. They feed on organic material found on most roofing materials, allowing them to multiply.

As fungi and bacteria continue to grow and cover larger portions, they are literally eating away the roof. When left unchecked, this growth can cause loss of granule particles found on tiles and asphalt shingles. Roof granules have special reflective properties. When worn out, they leave your roof exposed to inclement weather factors like UV rays from the sun. Eventually, heat starts building up in the house, especially on upper rooms. Most homeowners at this point resort to installing air conditioning units when the heat goes up during those hot summer days, but unfortunately, the power bills go up too.

Simply put, cleaning your roof can prolong its life expectancy. It will save you from having to bear the cost of installing a new one even before the current roof outlives its lifespan. What’s more, you can avoid the needles costs of installing air conditioners to keep the house cool due to a worn out and porous roof.

The good thing with cleaning your roof is that you can also detect early signs of damage. In cases where algae and other growths reside long enough on any surface, their root systems create small fissures and cracks. Such issues are easy to identify on a clean and algae free roof hence making it easy to determine whether repairs are necessary or not.

Last but certainly not least, a clean roof can prevent health hazards for your family. When it rains, mold and mildew fall on the driveway, sidewalks, patios, and decks. These organisms can find their way into your home through shoes. This can cause health problems if you have crawling infants or even pets at home.

DIY Vs Professional Roof Cleaners

Given the fact that roof cleaning offers many benefits, it is only wise to perform this vital exercise occasionally on your property. However, going up one story or more just to clean the grime and dirt on a rooftop is something that should not be taken as a DIY endeavor. This is something best left to professional roof cleaners, and with good reason.

A lot of people decide to clean their own roofs in a bid to save the cost of outsourcing this service, but before you decide to walk down this road, ask yourself whether it is worth it.

Needles to say, cleaning a roof can be a risky affair. And, if done the wrong way, you could end up doing more harm than good.

Many things could go wrong when attempting to clean your roof. First, you are at risk of a dangerous fall, since heights are involved. Even if you have good athletic ability, one thing to keep in mind is that roofs should not be walked on unless it is necessary. Traversing on the tiles haphazardly can cause undue pressure on the underlay, hence predisposing your roof to damage. A trained roof cleaner knows the direction in which to walk on tiles, moving gently, and distributing weight evenly. Roof cleaners will go up your roof wearing the right footwear as opposed to simple flip-flops, which won’t provide much grip on slanting tiles. To keep it simple, a professional roof cleaner has the right equipment and know-how for this job. You are likely to put yourself in harm’s way or cause damage to your roof, especially if you have no experience with cleaning roofs.

Besides loosening tiles when walking on them the wrong way, roofs can incur damage when chemical cleaning is involved. Now this happens when an inexperienced cleaner uses the wrong ratio while preparing the cleaning solution. Excessive over run of caustic cleaning solutions can ruin your landscaping, the gutter, and even walls of your home as the toxic solution trickles down the siding. The good thing with professional roof cleansing services is that you get trained professionals to do everything, be it mixing cleaning solutions or climbing up to the rooftop. This will keep you and your other family members safe on the ground plus a good contractor will have insurance as well. This means that you will not be held liable for any damage incurred to your property during the cleaning exercise or injuries sustained by cleaners.

Why Choose Housewashing Experts to Clean Your Roof

Nowadays, there are many companies that offer home cleaning services, including those that leave roofs looking squeaky clean. However, it is wise to choose your roof cleaner wisely. A general rule of thumb when it comes to house cleaning services of any kind is to hire a reputable company. Housewashing Experts offer the best and most professional roof cleaning services Brisbane residents can ask for. Whether it is a mansion with several square yards of roof space, the popular Queenslanders of old or new, or a small home, we can clean roofs of all size and types.

Of course, there are many other roof cleaners to choose from in Brisbane. So, why choose us? For starters, we provide professional services with the help of qualified and specifically trained cleaners. Roofs are made of different types of roofing materials. Depending on how dirty they are, the techniques used to clean them vary. Whether you have asphalt shingles, concrete tiles, barbell, or metal roofing materials, our trained cleaners know how to go about cleaning different types of roofs, efficiently and safely. They also come with the right equipment and know the right mixing ratios when preparing cleaning solutions. Therefore, your roof, gutter, and exterior walls will be in the capable hands of professionals who will cause no damage to your property.

Housewashing experts carry insurance liability and workers compensation for their cleaners. This gives you the assurance and peace of mind that any damages caused to your roof will not be an additional cost you have to incur.

Our roof cleaning Brisbane team offers the best services in the state. In case you are not satisfied with the outcome, we will always come back to clean any part of the roof that you feel still has stains. In addition, we offer free onsite quotes coupled with affordable rates for all our services. At HouseWashing Experts, we can offer more services if needed besides cleaning your roof. Since this exercise leaves gutters clogged with dirt and debris from the roof, we can also take care of this issue. Most importantly, our services have no hidden charges, as everything is put down on paper. With a solid contract, you will be fully aware of what the costs entail.

The Housewashing Experts Roof Cleansing Difference

The value in cleaning your roof is that it costs at a fraction of installing a new one or doing a repaint. This also protects the roof’s integrity, allowing it to last the expected lifespan. At Housewashing Experts, it is our pleasure to leave your roof looking clean and in good shape.

Housewashing Experts know that the key to a clean roof with long lasting results is effective mold or mildew removal and prevention. Most cleaners simply power wash roofs while doing the cleaning exercise. However, our soft washing approach reduces damage to your property while at the same time allowing roofs to remain clean for longer.

The trend of power washing roofs is a slowly dying technique, one that most professional house cleaning companies will use sparingly. The only time when a power washer would come in handy is when trying to rid your roof off thick moss undergrowth with embedded root systems. Even then, the water pressures will be regulated. High-pressure devices release water with a great amount of force, sometimes up to 3000 PSI. While roof tiles are designed to withstand the elements, they cannot bear the force of water hitting them at such high pressure. Power washing may seem like an effective roof cavity cleaning technique, but it only rips the underlay and even erodes the granular surface that allows your roof tiles to reflect the sun’s rays. Loose tiles can easily crack when blasting them with water from a power washer. This in turn can create leaks in the house. When water starts to seep through the roof, it can lead to wood rot or reach electrical circuits in the ceilings, hence causing multiple safety hazards.

Causing damage on our customers’ roofs is the last thing we want to do. Thus, we ensure to apply low-pressure washing, which kills mold and mildew, including microscopic spores instead of just blasting them around your property with a power washer. Our roof cleaning Brisbane experts will ensure to use the effective soft cleaning technique, which keeps bacteria and fungi at bay for months, thus allowing your roof to remain clean for a long period.